Light Rose / Amethyst Crystal Daisy - Medical Plastic Stud - 5mm

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Elevate Your Style with Blomdahl

Elevate your style with the understated elegance of Blomdahl's hypoallergenic medical plastic earrings. Designed with both comfort and aesthetics in mind, these lightweight studs feature sparkling crystals that are accentuated by the earrings’ clear material. Our commitment to your well-being ensures each pair is completely free from nickel and other harmful substances, making them ideal for sensitive skin.

Packaging Details

Our earrings are thoughtfully packaged in a transparent 'Clean Pack' bubble, which guarantees hygiene and ensures that your earrings remain untouched until they reach you. The integrity of this packaging is sealed with a label that serves as a testament to our promise of purity.

Included in each pack is a pair of small, dazzling crystal stud earrings, paired with backs for secure wear. We prioritize your health and satisfaction, which is why we ask for your understanding that, to maintain the highest hygienic standards, we cannot accept returns once the packaging is opened.

Care Instructions

To preserve the clarity and durability of your new Blomdahl earrings, avoid cleaning them with alcohol or peroxide as these can induce yellowing and increase brittleness. For optimal care, gently cleanse your earrings with soap and water.

Discover the perfect blend of beauty and health with Blomdahl – where elegance meets peace of mind.

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