Expression Lines Lip Filler - 10ml


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Corrective cream for expression lines and deep wrinkles around the lips. With triple anti-wrinkle action, anti-blemish and up to a 25% lip volume effect. It combines two filling techniques together with a biological exfoliant and active ingredients that relax the appearance of expression lines and reduce upper lip wrinkles (barcode) and side wrinkles. 

Skin Type
Suitable for all skin types.

Benefits of the Product
  • Fills
  • Decontracts
  • Peels
  • Volume effect
  • Anti-blemish
Mode of Application
After regular cleansing, apply the product around the lips, paying special attention to wrinkles and expression lines.

Active Ingredients
Biological peeling, Fast-filling substance for the surface tissue, Re-densifying internal tissue,
Pre-synaptic dermo lifting peptides with DRON COSMETIC technology and Neuro-inhibitory agents.

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